The 2-Step Skincare Trial Kit

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Discover the beauty secret in a trial-sized package! Ancient Treasure's Beauty Kit is the epitome of skincare innovation, compacting 16 products into one. This trial kit is a 2-week supply. It showcases the full size of The Black Soap Authentic Gentle Cleanser and our Mini but Mighty size (0.25) of the Sacred Beauty formula, addressing your holistic skincare desires. Tailored for sensitive skin, our kit is infused with vital nutrients, providing relief and nourishment to your skin. Treat yourself, effortlessly, from head to toe. Experience the magic of simplicity with our 2-Step Skincare Trial Beauty Kit.  radiant skin awaits!

Not sure if the 2-Step Skincare is for you? Then the Trial Size is the perfect way to sample the magic of our guaranteed 2-Step Ritual for ageless, glowing skin.

The Black Soap Gentle Cleanser (4oz.) provides a non-drying, thorough cleansing, while the Mini Yet Mighty size (0.25oz.) of our Sacred Beauty Formula offers the smooth, luxurious moisturizing effect.

Try the Trial Size today and fall in love with your new complexion in just 21 days. A great way to be introduced to the Essential and the Deluxe 2-Step Skincare Ritual Kits.

Exhale, Have Fun, and Glow with Ease.

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Learn more about the 40 uses and benefits of Ancient Treasure’s 2‑Step Skincare Ritual for ageless, glowing skin.

Our 2 Step Skin Ritual replaces all these products. What a savings!
$99 vs $584

 Stretch Mark Repair


Skin irritation Therapy Cream 


High Quality Body Lotion


 Wrinkle/Line Serum


Midnight Recovery Concentrate


 Dark Spot Fade Cream


Skin Blemish Cream


 Scar Fade Cream


 Razor Bump Cream


 Dry/Super Dry Skin Cream


 Foot Moisturizer


 Eye Cream


Clear & Clean Makeup Remover


 Damage Hair Remedy


 Cuticle Cream


 Facial Moisturizer Cream




Total Spent


Made for sensitive skin and head to toe beauty.

1. Cost-Effective: Get a taste of premium skincare without committing to full-sized products.
2. Holistic Care: The kit offers a complete skincare routine in a compact form, caring for your skin from head to toe.
3. Sensitivity-Friendly: Designed for sensitive skin, it provides essential nutrients without irritation.
4. Simplicity: Simplify your beauty regimen with just two products that deliver exceptional results.
5. Nourishment: The kit is packed with nourishing ingredients to address problematic skin.
6. Effective: Experience the effectiveness of Ancient Treasure's Beauty Formula and Black Soap Gentle Cleanser in a convenient trial size.
7. Radiant Skin: Achieve radiant and healthy skin effortlessly.
8. Risk-Free: Try before committing to full-sized products, ensuring they suit your skincare needs.
9. Compact: Ideal for travel or on-the-go skincare routines.
10. Discover Quality: Explore the quality and benefits of Ancient Treasure's skincare range without a major investment.
These benefits make the trial beauty kit an enticing choice for anyone looking to enhance their skincare routine.

Ingredients: Sunflower oil, sweet almond oil, beeswax, frankincense oil, Vit. E, Jojoba oil, shea butter, Peace & Loving kindness

Customer Reviews

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I am loving what I received

While I did not receive the 2-Step Skincare Trial Kit, I did receive 2 jars of the "Sacred Beauty Formula. This works out fine because I am truly sensitive to many scented products and I do not use soap of any kind, on my face. So, the universe knew that and sent what I would appreciate most. I love the smell and the smoothness of this product. I have incorporated it into both my morning and nighttime beauty routine. I can only use a tiny about on my face and a bit more on my hands and feet.

I will definitely order more.

2-Step Skincare Ritual
replaces these 16 products...

1.  Facial Moisturizer 2.  Dry Skin Cream 3.  Wrinkle/Line Cream 4.  Night Cream 5.  Body Lotion 6.  Skin Irritation/Therapy Cream 7.  Skin Blemish Cream 8.  Facial Bump Cream 9.  Shampoo
10.Razor Bump Cream 11.Dark Spot Fade Cream 12.Cuticle Cream 13.Cleanser 14.Face & Body Wash 15.Stretch Mark Cream 16.Foot Moisturizer 17.Makeup Remover 18.Scar Fade Cream

Reduce beauty product overload and Decrease your carbon footprint

Save Time, Save Money

Ageless, Glowing Skin In No Time At All


's 2-Step Skincare Ritual

Slows Down and reverses the signs of premature Aging

Step 1... Refresh with:

The Black Soap Gentle Cleanser

Cleanse, nourish and protect your skin from head to toe.
Functions as:

Face Wash Body Wash Shampoo

Step2... Renew with:

The Sacred Beauty Formula

Restore dry, aging, damaged, or over-exposed skin with healing botanicals.
Functions as:

Eye Cream Night Cream Day Cream Facial Moisturizer Body Lotion