Who Are We?

Ancient Treasure is the world’s simplest beauty company that focuses on the radiance of women 40 and above.

Made with only quality ingredients, Ancient Treasure is a groundbreaking skincare and wellness company that enhances the natural beauty of every woman—in every phase of life.

Created by an African Medicine Woman who combines Ancient Wisdom with modern living.

“We plan to be Fine, Fit, and Fabulous at 100+ years young and so can you!”


The Ancient Treasure's Philosophy

Like our Founder, Asara Tsehai, we get to redefine and embrace ourselves at any age.

The second half of our lives as women can be the most fulfilling years yet!...

We are empty nesters, married, divorced, grounded in our careers. We have years of life lessons and maturity. If we take care of our wellness and practice “for real” selfcare we can experience a long rewarding life.

We can still dream of things we want to do, start a new business, learn to play an instrument, perform in a play, travel the world and leave our mark on the people we touch with the wisdom we have gathered or simply have fun!

Ageless formulas, designed for every phase.

Our philosophy has inspired us to create a skincare and wellness company for women around the world who want a natural and simple approach to skincare.

Thousands of women use our simple 2-step skincare ritual to anoint and remind themselves of how sacred their bodies and lives are. To highlight their natural radiance of their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and beyond.

Our mindful 2-step skincare ritual is made with the finest, natural, often organic ingredients that nourish, protect, and cleanse every inch of your body.

We know that real beauty is from the inside out and the outside in. Our approach to skincare honors, skincare as self-care and wellness as an act of self-kindness. To learn more visit our store

Always Natural, Never Toxic