Hi Beautiful, I'm Asara

African Medicine Woman, Master Healer, & Teacher.

It was over 30 years ago when I first started in the skincare industry. To say it was eye-opening would be a major understatement.

It was then that I discovered all the hidden chemicals that were being flooded into our skincare products.

Now, during this time, I had wildly sensitive skin and everything I used made me break out, even though it was labeled “natural”.

I spent so much time and money looking for a formula that was genuinely healing and actually worked. I couldn’t find anything.

And That's When I Decided To
Leave The Industry...

Instead of trying to find the skin care products I direly needed in an industry where deep down, I knew I would never find, I decided to do what generations of women have done before; create my own!

So what exactly did I need?

I needed a formula that was non-toxic and gentle enough to be used on children.

As an African Medicine Woman and Master Healer, and after 6 years of prolonged research and development, I finally perfected the ideal skincare system, one blend to cleanse and one blend to nourish.

I travelled the globe researching and personally hand-picking ingredients from all over the world that not only soothes, and beautifies the body, but the mind and the soul as well.

I’ve figured it out for myself and I am now on a mission to bring natural agelessness to the lives of as many women as possible. With Ancient Treasure, we are creating a Nation of women who aspire to be Fine, Fit and Fabulous , even beyond 100 years young.