Food for Your Skin

40 Benefits of Ancient Treasure’s 2 Step Skincare Ritual

Dry Skin

  1. Soothes chronically dry/cracked skin
  2. Eliminates dry cuticles
  3. Softens rough elbows & knees
  4. Softens calloused feet & hands
  5. Prevents & Soothes hangnails

For Ageless Skin

  1. Evens skin tone
  2. Brightens dark circles under eyes
  3. Lessens lines under eyes
  4. May reduce appearance of wrinkles
  5. May reduce appearance of dark spots & age spots
  6. May reduce appearance of puffiness under the eyes
  7. Tightens slack skin
  8. May reduce appearance of sun-spots
  9. Nourishes damaged skin
  10. Moisturizes and firms the neck & decolletage
  11. Gives skin a youthful, radiant glow


  1. Face, neck, hands and body
  2. Soothes dry itchy skin
  3. Soothes dry painful skin
  4. Calms red irritated skin
  5. Softens feet & calluses
  6. Removes make-up

Skin Challenges

  1. Soothes & Calms irritated, itchy, red, burning skin
  2. Restores blemished skin
  3. Prevents & diminishes stretch marks
  4. Effective for minor burns & scarred skin
  5. Manages pimples and breakouts
  6. Perfect for shaving and razor bump prone skin
  7. Brightens dark elbows & knees
  8. Safe to use on babies bums
  9. Calms sun-burned skin


  1. Restores dry hair
  2. Helps maintains healthy locks
  3. Gives hair body
  4. Conditions scalp
  5. Conditions beards
  6. Hot oil treatment


  1. Promotes feelings of well-being
  2. May support a more restful sleep
  3. Is calming

Ingredients:  Sunflower oil, beeswax, frankincense, shea butter, Vit. A, Vit. E jojoba oil.

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