Asara's Story

Hi Beautiful,
I’m Asara

African Medicine Woman, Master Healer, & Teacher.

It was over 30 years ago when I first started in the skincare industry. To say it was eye-opening would be a major understatement.

It was then that I discovered all the hidden chemicals that were being flooded into our skincare products. 

Now, during this time, I had wildly sensitive skin and everything I used made me break out, even though it was labeled “natural”.

I spent so much time and money looking for a formula that was genuinely healing and actually worked. I couldn’t find anything.

And that’s when I decided to leave the industry…

Instead of trying to find the skin care products I direly needed in an industry where deep down, I knew I would never find, I decided to do what generations of women have done before; create my own!

So what exactly did I need?

I needed a formula that was non-toxic and gentle enough to be used on children.

As an African Medicine Woman and Master Healer, and after 6 years of prolonged research and development, I finally perfected the ideal skincare system, one blend to cleanse and one blend to nourish.

I travelled the globe researching and personally hand-picking ingredients from all over the world that not only soothes, and beautifies the body, but the mind and the soul as well.

I’ve figured it out for myself and I am now on a mission to bring natural agelessness to the lives of as many women as possible. With Ancient Treasure, we are creating a Nation of women who aspire to be Fine, Fit and Fabulous , even beyond 100 years young.

See what people are saying!

“First of all, it smells wonderful! My circles under my eyes have gotten lighter.”

—Adwoa Mouton Business Owner

“I've been using Ancient Treasure for only a few weeks, but I already see that it has calmed the redness I have in my cheeks; and I feel like it's faded some of my brown spots also.
But even if that wasn't the case, I just love how hydrated my skin feels and it has such a lovely fragrance!”

—Jane Herozog, Commercial Communication

“I love Ancient Treasure. When I get a mosquito bite and I put AT on it, it stops the itching. If I burn myself, it takes the pain away and the scar. And it makes my skin look and feel beautiful.”

—Jenny Business Trainer

“Ancient Treasure makes my skin feel and look so youthful, like never before. I LOVE IT!”

—Konda Mason, The HUB Founder