Ancient Treasure Cares


Ancient Treasure is made for and by women who care about their skin and the planet.

We make every effort to protect our Earth.

That starts with skincare that is healthy and respectful to you and the environment.


We Do No Harm!

We choose to use non-toxic ingredients that are natural and come directly from the Earth, like sunflower oil, frankincense and Jojoba oil.

Our Formulas contain NO sulfates, parabens and or harsh chemicals and our ingredients are sourced in ethical and sustainable ways.

Jojoba Oil and Nuts

No animal testing ever!

We respect all life and that is why we never test on animals.

We are 100% cruelty-free!

Sap of the Frankincense Tree,
used to derive Frankincense Oil

Earth-Friendly Packaging & Shipping!

Our 2 formulas replace 16+ products. That is 16 plastic containers the earth will never have to bear.

Our shipping materials are biodegradable and recycled.

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