Men Love It Too!

It’s for Kings, too!

Confidence comes when you look your best. When you look good, you feel good, and perform better; be it on your job, in your business, or your relationships.

Baayan Bakari
50 years young
5 year Ancient Treasure customer

From ultra clear skin to healthy-looking facial hair, Ancient Treasure will give you the confidence you need to show up powerfully in every area of your life.

Ancient Treasure helps boost your confidence by giving you:

Shiny & luscious locs of hair or a sleek & smooth bald head, you can walk into any situation with your head held high.

Ancient Treasure’s timeless formulas are wonderfully made to keep your hair looking healthy or your head looking shiny, so you can walk into any situation with your head held high.

A face free from Blemishes

A face free from blemishes is the mark of a man who takes care of himself. Ancient Treasure’s 2 Step Skincare Ritual helps cleanse your face and restores blemished skin, leaving your skin looking and feeling great.

Well-conditioned facial hair/beard

Well-conditioned facial hair/beard is ideal. Ancient Treasure helps moisturize your facial hair, leaving it soft, healthy, and absolutely irresistible!

Callous-free hands

Ancient Treasure does away with dry, calloused hands for good!.

Feet your spouse will love

Women love a man with good-looking, or at least presentable, feet. That’s why so many of our female customers buy Ancient Treasure for their man’s feet. They say it absolutely transforms their feet and makes them much more attracted to them than before, and it can do the same for you.

Aromatic, Soothing, and Attractive scent

The first thing people notice when you enter a room are your clothes. The second thing they notice is your scent. Ancient Treasure’s scent is aromatic, soothing, and wildly attractive, and when you put it on, you’ll be able to enter any room with unbreakable confidence.

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Here’s what men just like you are saying about their Ancient Treasure experience:

“I apply Ancient Treasure over my entire body. It not only smells good, but it seems to give me a sense of calm in this crazy, stress filled life I have created for myself. It takes an extra few minutes every day, but well worth it. It takes an extra few minutes every day, but well worth the benefits of more moisturized skin, and a calmer mind.”

—Ty Kaprelian, Field Marketing Specialist

“I suffered from razor bumps under my chin. The bumps would leave black scars. Not a good look! Why did I become obsessed? Because Ancient Treasure began clearing up my scars and smoothing out my skin in just 2 weeks! It's a magical cream.”

—Baayan Bakari

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How to use Ancient Treasure:

The Glow of Kings: Unlock your inner King with this Ancient Treasure Ritual

Here’s how it works:

1. Use a nickel size amount of gentle Black Soap cleanser to wash your face and facial hair. Then, pat dry and press until the excess water in your facial hair is completely gone.

P.S. We use no sulfates in our formulas, so our Black Soap cleanser will not lather, which means your face and hair won’t just be clean, but moisturized.

2. After washing, use a dime size dab of Ancient Treasure Beauty Formula and apply it to your face. Smooth the formula into your facial hair and then rub into your skin.

(P.S. It will absorb quickly, so if your skin feels oily you are using too much).

3. Use a firm bristle brush to brush through your beard with the grain. Ancient Treasure also acts as a beard balm designed to tame even the most wild beard.

4. Time to go for the perfect look for the day’s occasion. Use some more formula to style your facial hair the way you want and unleash your greatest advantage.

5. Repeat the following affirmation in the mirror;

  1. “I am confident”
  2. “I am talented”
  3. “I am grounded”
  4. “I am safe & protected”

Done. Now that you’ve unlocked your inner King, the confidence-boosting power of the “Glow of Kings” is upon you.